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i wish my life began with Once Upon a Time [entries|friends|calendar]

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[09 Sep 2004|03:36pm]
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[13 Jun 2004|12:46am]
this is the end

[12 Jun 2004|04:57pm]
[ mood | good ]

I AM: an idiot
I WANT: to see my baby
I HAVE: small hands and feet
I WISH: I was skinnier
I HATE: people that say they are punk when they listen to fucking GC

I FEAR: worms and slugs, and blood
I HEAR: viagra, and the Ims
I SEARCH: for true love. XD .. im so flippin’ gay
I WONDER: what my future will be like
I REGRET: being mean to certain people
I LOVE: remy <3
I ACHE: uhmmm… no where
I ALWAYS: listen to music
I AM NOT: prettyy
I DANCE: to my Moulin rouge soundtrack
I SING: to my Moulin rouge soundtrack
I CRY: often.. im really sappy
I WRITE: stories!!
I WIN: at playing Spit.. well sometimes
I LOSE: money buying crap
I CONFUSE: everyone bc my emotions change like *snap* that
I NEED: to hang out with people more, and get my ass away from this computer
I SHOULD: get a life

YES or NO:
x. YOU KEEP A DIARY: yep, her name is Leslie
x. YOU LIKE TO COOK: only easy stuff
x. YOU HAVE A SECRET YOU HAVE NOT SHARED WITH ANYONE: hmmm.. I`ve told my secrets to at least 1 person

DO YOU...?
WANT TO GET MARRIED: yea, one day
GET MOTION SICKNESS: yea.. on boats, ehhhhy
THINK YOURE A HEALTH FREAK: when it comes to fucking polly.. that loser

LIKE THUNDERSTORMS: yes.. oo thriller

HAIR COLOR: brown, with these natural highlights [yea im a freak]
EYE COLOR: hazel
BIRTHPLACE: somewhere in Guam


COLOR: green
DAY: Wednesday
MONTH: November
SONG: Complainte De La Butte
FOOD: pickles
SEASON: fall and winter
SPORT: im a loser I don’t do sports
DRINK: kool-aid


CRIED? yea
HELPED SOMEONE? My mum clean the house
GOTTEN SICK? Yea.. food gross
GONE OUT FOR DINNER? yeah last night
WRITTEN A REAL LETTER: no.. but I should
MISSED AN EX? Hmm.. naw

Name 5 bands you listen to:
1.Reel Big Fish
2. ALL
3.Franzy [tee hee marleigh]
4. Zebrahead

5. Modest Mouse

Name 7 things you hate:
1. fights
2. when people call me ugly
3. when your blamed for something you didn't do
4. gross worms
5. needles
6. people that don’t wash their damn face for 3 fucking days and leave the make-up on.. ::throw up::
7. YOU

Would you ever:
1. Eat a bug? For money :D
2. Bungee jump? No.. ehhy
3. Hang glide? sure
4. Kill someone? mayb
5. Kiss someone of the same sex? yea
6. Have sex with someone of the same sex? no
7. Parachute from a plane? YES!! ALL THE TIME!! .. just kidding
8. Walk on hot coals? Yes.. like a Egyptian or something
9. Go out with someone for their looks? Hmm mayb
10. For their reputation? naw
11. Be a vegetarian? Id try
12. Wear plaid with stripes? That clashes.. no no
13. IM a stranger? THAT IS ALL I DO
14. Sing Karaoke? I do.. HAHAHA
15. Get drunk off your ass? I have and its fun as a bizzle
16. Shoplift? naw
17. Run a red light? yeah
18. Star in a porn video? Yes!! And my name would be Pepsi Cola ^___^

took this from Sarah <3

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saturday [12 Jun 2004|03:32pm]
[ mood | content ]

today has been mass boring. i woke up by one and cleaned a litl. then i watched some tv with my mum, and then im hurr. o very funn indeed.

hopefully later i get to go to Toys R Us and look for a Babbling Boo doll. i want one so bad and its pissing me off.


yeaaaCollapse )
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[11 Jun 2004|05:54pm]
[ mood | kinda sad ]

Today was iight… nothing really special happened. I didn’t go to school early because I didn’t want to. I was mass tired. So I rode the bus and hung with Meredith. In the morning I went with her to her hallway and talked to some people. I met some of her budds.  When I was saying hi to one of her friends, I hit a teacher and made her spill her hott coffee on herself. Hahahaha XD .. opps. It wasn’t intentional though. Then I went to first bell. Yea it was kinda stupid. We had an award ceremony, and it was kinda boring. Chantal got good awards :D and I got a stupid Perfect Attendence award [that’s the worst one you can get] and a stupid star [I lost my lynnhaven letter. HAH] then I went to Spanish and it was kinda lame. Me and jessb talked and were bored. Then I went to English and It was kinda koo bc he had a sub. Everyone just hung out. Then I went to lunch. It was fun. Hahahaha.. chad kicked remy down onto the floor XD!! Hahahahaha.. aw my baby. HAH!!! Hmm.. I held remy’s hand, but john breedlove was being UBER gay, so I stopped. ~____~ then I went bak to English and I played Spit with Kathryn, and BS with Kathryn, Michael b, sara r, and Rachel. Haha holy shit it was so fun. [wow, im gay bc I think playing with cards is ‘fun’ HAH!] cera got her hair sku-did by these 2 black girls. HAH- na taja and trevonia… XD more people signed my yuur book and it was koo. And I got Meredith to get some 7th graders to sign it. [wow.. james moon signed it.. ahh hes soo cute] all her friends think im koo! ^___^ oo yea. [I should add their sn’s to my buddy list.. well anyways…] I then went to math and it was SOOO gay. We had a test and I didn’t know how to do anything on it. Owell. I need a tutor ^___~ . then the school day was over, and I said good bye to my baby. [I miss him.. ughh] and then got on the bus and messed around. Blahh, then I talked to Meredith at the bus stop, and then went home. my day was so boring. Blahhh, and half the time I block everything I do out of my head. Its gay, im feel like im just watching everything. O well.. ehhy.


This weekend im getting a hair cut [nothing major] and then mayb buying a new fish [naming him Little R.. o yea bizzle] and I might hang with some people if they FRIGGIN CALL ME!! .. understand that you savy flucks? Tee hee


Well ill be wanting some comments :D bc im an El Dopo. Yahya.


I only love the shibby people,

<3 rayannneeee

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updating before school [11 Jun 2004|08:15am]
[ mood | crazy ]

i wonder what today will be life.. hmm? i cant believe its already friday. im kind of sad school is going to end. im going to miss alot of people :( [im going to miss remy .. ehhy] and im not going to see more of my friends next year becuase im going to GAY cox. ughhh.. but hopfully ill get to go to FC in 10th grade. ill just have to work hard on my grades.. pshht. lol.

now we are going to pay a silent tribute....

RIP Twat  o6.1o.04

he was a great fish. he was only in the Start home for 3 days, but we really got to know him and his colors. [he was bluish purple, but when he shinned in the light he was a litl green] viagra still doesnt know he's dead... he's going to be soooo sad and mad. he really loved that fish. but now we can get my red fish so i can name him Little R. :D  im so gay

well thats it!! :D

...LERVE rayanne, and i love remy <3

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[10 Jun 2004|10:31pm]
[ mood | homeowrk ]

Im going to make a ghetto list of my day like x-tina did… tee hee [but mine will be a litl more in depth]


§         I woke up this morning a litl late because I was so tired, bc Meredith called me last night. But it she needed me to talk to, so it was ALL koo. I lerve her. So I got ready and stuff and my mum brought me to school early

§         I got there and I didn’t do any work. But now that I think of it, I should have because I have math homework I don’t know how to do. Ehhhy. Haha. I just hung out with my other slacker buds. I waited for Meredith to come in threw the building but I didn’t see her. But it was koo. So, yea.. I hung out with people till the bell rang. And whoa, I actually went to the commons- its like my first time in there in a month. XD

§         Then I went to art. It was kinda fun. I talked with Meagan and Andrew. I had paper mashey crap and I was trying to make my ghetto Cereal box, and I got the glue crap in my mouth.. ewww. Haha and me and munch we’re at war with each other again.  :D He poked me with a pencil, so I whipped him with a wet cloth. O yea, I dominate in battle.

§         Then I met Meredith in the hall after art.. and I talked a  to her a little. I found out that her mum brought her to school and that’s why I didn’t see her this morning. And I saw james moon. Omfg.. hes soo tiny and cute. AWWWW  --_____^

§         Spanish was pretty .. GAY. But I was partners with jessb so it was all koo. :) We did a worksheet, and she looked threw me and meredith’s notebook at all the pictures. ^____^ haha. she likes the pictures I draw. I was so tired in that bell I wanted to just fall on my face on my book and zzzz. Hah. Wow I sound so gay.

§         I then went to civics.  It was alright…. We just did some worksheets and then we went to lunch

§         Lunch was empty. Our table is usually full with people. But people were missing, but w/e. I don’t care. It was pretty cool. Hahaha, Michael got his chips stuck in the machine and I gave remy 50 cents to buy the same chips so he would get his and Michael’s and he did. But Michael [tubby] fought for them. HAHA.. hmm. And I apologized to Mrs. Spagnolo about yesturday and I gave her and hug, and she gave me bak a hug ^___^ .

§         Then I went bak to civics. tyler and robert gave themselves dead legs. omfg it was soo funny, i snorted. HAHAHA. and then robert punched his self REALLY hard in his face between his eyes and whooaaa.. he looked like some crazy clown smacked him silly. hahaha.  Mann.. we had this multiple choice vocab quiz and all the answers were backwards. But she then said that the grades were bad and she looked at me. But I don’t think I got anything wrong bc it was open book and stuff…. Ehhy. O ____o

§         Then I went to science. It was pretty shibby. [I actually do like going to science bc I like joking mr. Prochilo.. and he likes joking me. So heyy] hmm.. so we went over the science exam review. And im glad I did it [or should I say copied it XD] and then we watch LOTR!! .. the two towers. Mann its sooo shibby, im like in lerve with it. Its wakko. Haha.. kunta kintay was my budd if I got scurd. Tee hee. My African…. Nvm. Then the day was over.. but I still wanted to watch that movie. Grr.

§         I said good bye to rem rem :D

§         Then I got on the bus.. and whoa, remy’s bus was like right next to mine. And freaking Meredith and Sydney went crazy and were screaming his name and I was telling them to shut up.. but they didn’t. o well. Ehhh. And OMFG.. I thought I lost me and merediths notebook so I was like panicking. And luckily my mum was home so she drove me to skool so I could look for it. [viagra tagged along]

§         So I looked for my notebook and brought viagra in the building with me. He met mr. Prochilo.. HAHAHAHA. Well I found my notebook in my locker. What a dumb ass I am. Teee heee hee.

§         Then I practiced my piano, and then went to piano class, and whoaaa..i almost fell asleep. It was crazy as a bizzle. She was like, “Are you ok?” and im like.. ,”yeaaaa…” but really I wanted to fall on the keys and sleep. Haha today ive been really tired.

§         Then I got home and did a litl homework. My mum finally put TWAT in the pretty fishbowl. And viagra is finally happy. He’s like, “TWAT is really happy in his new bowl with his plastic octopus” hahaha.. loser.

§         Then I got on-line and talked to people, and my baby. I also told off that faggot Alyssa. Haha.. yess, I’m mean. [right x-tina?? Yay! ]]And then Meredith called me and I talked to her. Aww.. I lerve talking to her.



Right now im eating pickles.. I just realized that pickles ARE my favorite food. Haha.. and I REALLY like the pickle flavored chips. They are soo good! Haha. I wonder if the cereal buffet in art is tomorrow.. ill have to call Andrew to find out. Ughh.


This is the end.. yuss

<3 rayanne





and NO ONE can touch Polly anymore. Thank you
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[08 Jun 2004|11:37pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I have known Rayanne for _____________

In the time that I've known her, I've come to the analysis that she is ________________

My fondest memory spent with Rayanne is __________________

Rayanne has had _________ sexual encounter/s with me.

Rayanne is a ___________________

Rayanne likes it _______________

One thing Rayanne needs to improve on is _______________

One thing Rayanne has mastered is ________________

Rayanne's idea of a good time is ________________

Every time I see Rayanne her _________________ changes.

Rayanne was a total ______________ in high school.

Rayanne thinks she's _____________ but she’s not.

Rayanne isn’t nearly as _______________ as she seems.

Rayanne's best quality is _________________

Rayanne's worst quality is ___________________

All in all I think Rayanne is ___________________

I'm _________________ I have Rayanne in my life

fill it out and ill be mass happy :D yepp.. make it good too >:D

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[08 Jun 2004|10:04pm]

holy shit. hahaha :D

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[08 Jun 2004|09:49pm]

im updating again. tee hee! haha. well i went to walmart and my mum bought viagra a beta fish. and guess what he named it? just guess.. he named it TWAT! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA .. phew. then i had taco bell. when we were in the drive threw my mum spazed at the people that worked there. it was funny.

whoa.. earlier alyssa lupens IMed me and was all like, "why dont you talk to me anymore?" and im like," bc i dont want to" and she was like, "we use to be friends" and i was like, "uhhh no.." and she was like, "your all mean to me because you got popular" HAHA WHOA! im popular.. im flattered. but whoa.. eww.. its her. gross.

well this is it. i might update later bc im true gayness. leave one babes!

<3 rayanne and i love remy


i sat on the roof and kicked off the moss [08 Jun 2004|05:41pm]
[ mood | good ]

hah my title is from a moulin rouge song. im like addicted to the cd. its crazy. its so awesome. i need to buy the second soundtrack bc there is 2 and i only have the first one. [how wonderful life is now your in the world] :D hahah . today was pretty cool. i came into school early. did some math. and then went to the science room to hang with meagan. and i used kunta kintay's crutches [aka Shola] mr. prochilo was all gay to me bc i was using them. o well.. blahh. haha. well first bell i spent an hour coloring a small picture of a book in my 'out of porpotion drawing' .. whoo hoo. i took my time and it was cool. then i went to spanish and hung with chad, and watched Max Keeble's Big Move. it was a pretty cool movie. lol. i didnt want to leave. then i went to social studies and we did work.. but it was easy stuff. then we went to lunch. haha it was cool. i have a strand on remy's hair and i put it in me and meredith's notebook. XD haha im sooo gayness. me and Munch are at war with each other. bwahahhaa.. he gave me a dead leg .. AHH it sucked. so i pinched in between his thighs. o yea man. [beat that biatch] haha it was funn beating him up in front of mrs spag. then i went bak to social studies and did nothing. then i went to science. mr. prochilo pissed me off becuase he let stephanie go to the bathroom and not me. so i was all down in the 'dumps'. well he was going around the classroom asking people what planets they wanted to do their projects on.. [its SOOO GAY that we have a project due on the last week of school] and i said "URANIS" and i said it really cross to him bc i was pissed and i had my hand on my head, and he was like, "dont look at me like that!!!" and thank goodness for the fire drill bc he would have ranted. [savy fuck] then i said goodbye to remrem and got on the bus and had a AWESOME talk with meredith and sydney. then i got off the bus and had a lonnng chat with meredith in front of my house. then my mum called and said i had to do my homework [arf arf XP] and i came inside and got my moulin rouge [or should i say meredith's] soundtrack. ahhh.. i love this song.

" We should be lovers
 We can't do that
 We should be lovers, And that's a fact
 Though nothing will keep us together
 We could steal time, Just for one day...."

and now im on the comp being a nerd yet again YAYness. well i got to update my other livejournal. soo taaaa taaaa hobos!

<3 rayanne.. i love remy

leave a comment pleaseeee

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[07 Jun 2004|08:05pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

i felt like updating again [bc im a livejournal whore] mmkayy.. haha. well i woke up and got ready for school. then my mum drove me there and keely went in early. goodness.. mrs theisfeld is all, "you pinky promised me youd come in early" and im like... uhhhhh. haha. then i hung out with people before 1st bell. in first bell i tried coloring my 'out of proportion drawing' but i just ended up messing it up. :(  andrew was being gay with the paper mache [sp?] .. what a bad husband he is. mrs. walter signed my yuur book and said, "please, please try out for Govornor's next year! Have a great summer"- mrs walter.. and now i think i should try out :D its only bc shes a kick ass teacher. then i went to spanish and it was boring and i didnt pay any attention like i always do. and chad wasnt there so i was stuck sitting with just andrew. jessb saw my notebook and she thinks im like the BEST drawer now.. haha [when im dead im gonna give you all my arty possesions XD] then i went to 3rd bell and messed around. then i went to lunch and it was fun. everyone had a good descusion on things. haha.. remy only ate the ends of his fries. it was soo cute. <3. i was joking munch hard core about wearing whity tighties.. but he doesnt, he showed me his boxers. then i went bak to english. we played sherades and mrs Spag wanted me to get the most humiliating one.. uhm no dont think so. haha  then i went to math and it was GAY. i got in trouble for talking [nothing new] hmm.. i was yet again joking Munch hard core about pubes. HAHA. we were talking about who munch likes and its SOOO cute when he blushes. awww. hah o well. then i said goodbye to my baby. and then got on the bus. on the bus i got tiny litl sticker pictures of daniel, and billy [gerber baby] ,and of myself. o yea.. im gonna put them on my wall bc im sooo cool. [im soo gay :D] then i got off the bus and went to merediths house real quick so that i could borrow her Moulin Rouge soundtrack. i love it. then i spent all my time on the comp being a nerd. and remy made a livejournal. i fixed it all up and made it pretty. haha ^___^ add him his user name is psyhco_11  ..add him. blahh. i have so much homeowrk to do.. but whatevah. i might just not do it. i hope tomorrow will be cool, doubt it though bc i have science. hmm.

i love remy ..rayanne

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[07 Jun 2004|06:15pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

my day was pretty coo for a monday. im lazy to write about stuff. well in math we had a huge descussion on Munch's pubes.. HAAHAHA.. we embarrased him so hard.

right now im listening to the moulin rouge soundtrack and holy shit i love it so much. haha.. o yeaaa.. O____O

well yea this is it

ilove remy.. <3 rayanne

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2nd time updating [06 Jun 2004|09:06pm]
[ mood | mass bored ]

im bored.. so yea, im going to tell you about the rest of my uneventful day. well i hung out around the house. wow viagra made me SOO mad it wasnt even funny. my throat hurts from screaming at him, and i was threatening to kill him.. :( .. BAD ME. i felt to guilty i went to apologize to him. so i kinda watched him play his game. i spent about an hour and half just looking for Babblin Boo dolls.. but guess what?? i cant find one ^^;; it sux. i really want one. o well, no one can get whatever they want. remy called me and i was mass happy. :D yay. well i talked to him for a tiny bit. and then i went bak on-line and me and chantal tried to have a "yo mama" contest, but we both cheated by going to websites.

"yo mammas so stupid your dad said he was going to eat her pussy, she went outside and put the cat on the grill."

haha we are such mass losers! then it lead to red neck jokes. then i drew some pictures. yea.. wow im kinda hungry. .. i cant beleive i spent my WHOLE day on this dumb comp. im a nerd -____-

well this is ittttt <3 rayanne . i love remy. w00t.

leave a comment o_____O

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weekend [06 Jun 2004|02:47pm]
[ mood | AHHH brothers SUCK ]

wow..let me tell you about my loser weekend. i woke up saturday morning to find out that my house didnt have any power. [alot of other houses didnt have power either] so my mum brought me and my brother to my grandma's house when she went to this karate thing. so when i got to my grandma's i was responsible for watching babysitting my 2 year old cousin, Eli. whoa.. he is such a crazy kid. and he wouldnt sit down. the only thing that would make him sit down was if i turned on Toy Story 2. whoa.. it worked like a charm. so i watched it 4 times in a row. i know the song Jesse the yodeling cow girl sings.. its so pretty. and memerized almost everyline. then my mum came!! and she decided she wanted to play with him so i got some free time to draw and watch the VH1 and MTV music video channels. it was awesome. then i went home around 9. i ate dinner and drew summore.. [i actually lerve the pics i drew] and then went to bed at like 2.

this morning i woke up and went to my grandma's to babysit again and i found out i didnt have to *praising the Lord* so i just hung out for a litl while and watched some POTC with my cousins. and then came home and ate lunch. now im stuck here at home. im suppose to be cleaning.. but uhhhh im lazy. i got this mass awesome chick to fix my livejournal. i lerve it. whoo hoo. well this is all.. and now my brother is standing behind me  and he wont leave me the mother fucking hell ALONE..

well im off.. bc im SOO ANNOYED.

you know whats gay?... having a project due like the last week of school

well ya.. <3 rayanne i love remy

leave me a comment :D
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today [04 Jun 2004|01:33am]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]

Lets talk about today shall we? I woke up and got dressed and stuff and I looked outside to see if viagra got picked up by his bus, and whoa… jimmy was there. It was mass cool, but it kind of freaked me out. My mum ended up driving jimmy and viagra to school bc their bus never came. [bad skool] then I went to school. The social studies SOL was easier than I expected, but mannn… I failed that thing so bad. I guessed at everything. I should have studied [pshht yea right. HAHA XD] well then, uhmm.. we messed around. Me and cera wrote messages to each other.. [cera said, “you have a litl person inside you.” Cera’s such a loser] then we went to our electives. Yeppp.. great fun. In art we watched the never ending story 2. its so stupid looking. But I like the flying dog thingy. Haha. Andrew hasn’t started any of his work. He’s just a lazy bizzle. [I have the word bizzle stuck in my head] ehhy. Well what else is there to talk about? O then I went to Spanish. It was kinda w/e in that class. Mrs. Mercado was all slack, and she spazed at Andrew. I laughed. I also drew a pic for jessb in her yuur book. Then I went to social studies and we watched some School of Rock, then went to lunch. At lunch remy was like, “I wrote more in your yuur book,” and I was like, “yea I know.. thanks” .. then I said, “but chad wrote more than you” and his face made a face like “damn it” haha… it was weak. Well lunch kind of dragged on. Then I said good bye to rem rem. [I love my baby] and then went back to social studies and watched the rest of School of Rock. Even though I’ve seen it a bunch of times before. It just seemed better. Their was a lot of drama in class.. [Kathryn freaking cried because of gum. O whoa ho ho] well then the day eventually ended. I said good day to remy.. and then got on the bus, and Meredith came home with me so we could hang. Then my mum came home and I then went to piano class. It wasn’t as bad as I thought It would be. Whoo hoo. Then on the way home I fell asleep in the car [it was only 7 o’ clock.. whoa gayness. It was because I didn’t take my litl girl nap L] so when I got home I fell asleep. Then I woke up around 8:57 and I ate dinner. I then went on-line, and I’m still on this box. Jimmy wrote me mail. It was funny: Wassup I am shaqeeeqeee not really but I am Jimmy comma aArons friend and I am grl friendless. Haha wow.. he’s special [mentally]. And he’s girl friendless XD. [yea he likes me] well I’ve been mass procrastinating my science project. I don’t even remember what it’s suppose to be on.. shit. And then I have to draw a bunch of wacked up pics. CRAP. I’m going to be up late tonight. no sol tomorrow for me.. but sadly i have mrs. Theirfeld. [[AHHHHHH]] and then we have science. i kinda like science [but shh! ^.^]   Well this all about my ‘El Dopo’ life. W00t.


I love rem rem

<3 rayanne


a lot of people are making livejournals all of a sudden… oo weeeirdd  *looks up to the light ^.^*

 random: those are for the ones they call Doggy Fizzle.. :D


and for that stupid bitch that left a comment on christina's lj. fuck you, and i REALLY WANT you to say shit to me. i'll be waiting to hear from you... you fugly bizzle. >:D

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[03 Jun 2004|08:22am]
[ mood | busy ]

I’m updating before school. Yep, go me.  Well, uhhh I woke up and got dressed, straitened my hair. I looked outside to see if my brother was still at the bus stop and he was. And jimmy was there with him. HAHAH… that kind of freaked me out. O well… uhm, well I hope today will be shibby. But I doubt it because I have a civics SOL and I didn’t study at all. And then later I have piano class and I feel bad because I didn’t practice and I’m going to let my teacher down. L BAD ME. Well uhm, I have to go to the bus stop in like 3 mins. Today is me and remy’s one month. But that doesn’t really matter. [seriously it doesn’t] I just like counting days. Hahahaha… im gay. Well that’s all for noww, leave meh a message. Rayanne would really like that!


I love youuu

<3 rayanne

and I love remy.. dearly
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[02 Jun 2004|05:27pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Today was pretty splendid [splendid indeed ;D] I didn’t have to take an SOL today so I went to mrs. Phillips and hung out with keely and caleb while watching the Haunted Mansion. I was surprise, it was a pretty shibby movie. I used Katie’s ink pen and its so cool. I feel brilliant. Hehe. Well time passed and I then went to lunch. Lunch was alright, but this really weird kid sat with us. [I mean he was REALLY weird]. Well then I went to math and it was MASS boring. Mrs theisfeld got mad at me bc I had an ‘attitude’. Bleghh, w/e. then I went to art [messed up schedule] and we watched a Bugs Life. It was awesome. I didn’t do any of my art work, I’m just like w/e! I signed andrew’s yuur book and I wrote a lot, and he only wrote a litl in mine. But what do u expect… its Andrew :/  haha. Well then I went to Spanish and I signed more people’s yuur books. We had a sub and he was soo wicked cool. He let us be crazy and stuff. I wrote in alyse and nicoles yearbook: “happiness is like peeing in your pants. Everyone can see it, but only you can feel its warmth.” I was crazy. Lol. Chad wrote something really sweet in my yuur book. I really love that kid. [[haha hes my besterest budd]] if only remy could write something nice like that in mine. Uhhhh.. nvm.  well then we got to go to our lockers early, so I packed up and then I said bye to rem rem. And then went hommeee.. but I had to wait outside in the heat forever bc I was stupid and forgot my key. My awesome jimmy wasn’t on the bus. O well. Well this is all!! :D


<3 rayanne

I love remy
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[02 Jun 2004|01:55am]
[ mood | grumpy ]

My day was ok. I woke up at 6 and then meredith picked me up at 7:20 so we could go to IHOP. It was awesome. Mann.. she never eats a lot, so when ever I finish my food I feel fat. O well J [we gotta go to IHOP again b4 the school year ends. And we’re bringing keely and sydney] uhm. Well then I went to school and I waited out in the court yard, bc like no one was in the library. Except eric. But who cares? Ehm, then school started and it was weird. I didn’t really talk to anyone. I just went to class.  Before the english SOL mrs spag said, “everyone, you guys need to be quiet!!” and I said, “what If my water breaks? Im pregnant you know…” and she said, “because you had sex with remy right…” and im leik, “whoaaa…” she so crazy. She then said, “but that’s the only way.” The english SOL was so easy. I was the first one done in class. [I hope that I did good.. eek] we started watching Radio before lunch. There was a retarded black man in it. Weird. Then I went to lunch. Lunch sucked. I felt like crying. Yea, and it was for something stupid. I was just because I was looking at something the wrong way, but now I realize it was nothing.  But anyways. My mum picked me up and I went to the doctors. I had to get x-rays [again] and the lady asked if I was pregnant. Hahaha. Polly is doing awesome yall! So no worries there. I peed like 4 times in that doctors office.. and I was only their for like 45 mins. Shizz. I realy do have a bladder problem. Then my mum brought me bak to school because I wanted to go bak. What was my problem??? Ahhh! [stupid me] well I went to art and mrs g was like, “you were at the doctors?” and im leik, “yea, bc of polly” and she didn’t hear me,  then she said, “because your pregnant?” and im leik, “yep and I already named my kids J” haha. She now thinks im legally insane. Bwahaha. Well I got home and my bro’s bus came and jimmy [whoo hoo] screamed out his black girl name [its Shaqueefa] wow.. very attractive. Jk. Hahah. Well that’s all yeppp



Andrews awesome. XD


<3 rayanne [im going to use my real name for now on]

I love remy


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[31 May 2004|02:28pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

I have stuff to talk about.. blah blah. Well Saturday I decided to hang out with keely and go to this red neck barbecue bc we were bored. It was funn. We took pictures of plastic yard flamingos. The only reason was because Christina didn’t call me bak and was hanging out with other people [no hard feelings.. I swear]. Well then I spent the night at keelys and we had a lot of ‘candy’ and I had 4 ‘lollipops’ .. I haven’t had those in a while. W00t. I actually didn’t have a hangover the next day. Just a slight headache, but I took some med. Then I went with my mum to the mall.. and viagra and my 2 yr old cousin came. Omfg… my cousin ate a bunch of cheese nips and then spit it out all over my hand. It was sooo gross. Ughh. And he was one crazy 2 yr old. He wouldn’t stop moving so I had to carry him, and I think I lost some weight holding him. Well then we went home and I got fat on food. And then watched some Alice in Wonderland and fell asleep. Remy didn’t call..blegh, but who cares L.


Then I woke up this morning and went to IHOP. On our way out my bro saw his friend Jamie, from school, and my bro was like, “hey Jamie, my sister is right there” and I then when I got to the car I asked my bro why he told that kid that.. and my bro said, “because he rides my bus and he thinks your hott.” Im like wow.. im ‘hott’ ^_^ hahah .. the kid was cute too for a 6th grader.. he had red hair o_O. lolol. Hmmm … but yea, that kid was cute. and he had the skater hair.. o baby. Then my fam went to the mall and I bought a huge Legolas poster from Spencers and then went home and watched some Moulin Rouge. I started my period today.. ughhhhhhh.


Tomorrow I got a doctors appointment. I hate going to doctors appointments, they make me panic bc im afraid they’ll find another tumor or something ^^;; I was suppose to have 2 appointments tomorrow.. one for Polly and one to get blood work bc my mum is checking if I have bladder problems.. ughh.. forizzle. But im not doing the blood work one.. zank the lorddy


Well this is all for now.. hmm yea

<3 wendy

I love remy.. but not sure if…

He loves me bak...

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